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VoIP Business Phone Systems: 
Serving Alberta and Saskatchewan Since 2001

Affordable and Feature-Rich

We can help you reduce your telecom expenses, improve your voice communications, and give you lots of reasons to love your business phone.

Our primary services are:

  • Telecom Expense Reduction - A no pressure and no obligation exercise to help you evaluate the cost-benefit of your current setup.

  • SIP Trunking - The first potential to reduce telecom expenses, we assist clients in moving from traditional phone lines to SIP - the evolution of voice services delivered over the internet.

  • New Office Phone Systems - providing clients choice between an on-premise system, a hosted system, or a hybrid system, all with an amazing range of features for an amazingly reasonable cost. dBm is an authourized distributor for e-MetroTel (“the New Nortel”) and Allworx – both established suppliers of Unified Communications platforms.

  • System Upgrades – dBm provides a migration path for legacy Nortel based systems – whether the existing equipment is the Norstar BCM system (small and medium businesses) or the CS1000 system (Nortel Enterprise). This is an exciting opportunity to leverage your still reliable system, removing the obsolete parts while adding all the latest technology and features to your system – economically.

  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance - support and maintenance of both our new and upgraded systems but also for legacy Nortel Enterprise / AVAYA Blue CS1000 PBX systems.

We love business phones, maybe it shows.

dBm Telecom Solutions Inc. is an established and trusted provider of office telephone systems and support services.  With telecom specialists located in Calgary, Edmonton and Regina, dBm has been serving customers throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan since 2001, with pleasure and with gratitude.

dBm serves a diverse client base of private and public organizations. We serve offices with under five phones and offices with over 5,000 phones. We are defined by our commitment to customer satisfaction and our excellent track record in the industry. Many of our clients have been with us since we started in business.


How about you?

Are you confident that you are getting the best value for what you are spending on voice communications?

Are you challenged to support the evolving ways of work - distributed workforce with remote workers, proliferation of mobile phones - while maintaining professionalism and optimal customer communications, and keeping costs under control?

Do you fully understand VoIP, Unified Communications, and SIP trunking, and if you would benefit from these technologies?

Are you one of thousands of companies that still have a Nortel system (of any size) and may not be aware that there is a “New Nortel” that will overlay the latest and greatest features over your current system for a fraction of the cost of replacing it?

Have you upgraded your phone system in the last few years only to be stuck with high overhead costs in annual licenses and maintenance, while not really getting all the functionality you had hoped for - and seeing that the functionality you would like will cost a lot to acquire?

dBm exists to serve customers like you, and to assist anyone who would like to learn more about current telecom options and how their business could benefit.


How may we assist you?

We are big on helping customers make informed choices and finding a solution that best meets their individual needs.  Contact us today to take your next step in discovering the opportunities you might be missing to reduce your costs and increase your capabilities.