Overall Best Value

Find Out Why Allworx Beat Out All Other Competitors in the SMB Unified Communication Category

“Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that Allworx provides a superior SMB Unified Communication Platform. By delivering best performance at the best price, along with an unrivaled overall customer experience, Allworx is recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Customer Value Award.”


Support for Mobility and Remote Workers

Make and receive calls like you are in the office

  • Transfer, hold, and park calls with a single touch.
  • Make easy three-way calls.
  • See your colleague’s presence and status.

  • Search across the corporate directory, system extensions (e.g., call queues), and personal mobile contacts.

  • With Reach Link, automatically connect active calls as the mobile data network changes from 4G to Wi-Fi, and vice versa.

Conference Calling Included

With a one-time conference license, you can support from one to four conference bridges and 8 to 30 seats.  What are you paying for conference calling today? You might just find you can fund a new phone system just from the savings on conference calls alone.

Allworx also integrates with Skype for Business and supports video pass-through.


Multi-Site Support and Scalability

Scale up and out, connect up to 100 servers across locations, and enjoy unified access across all sites

  • Extension dialing, call transfer, and call park across all sites.
  • Global directory.
  • Global voicemail.
  • Real-time user presence and status.
  • Shared auto attendants.
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Have it Your Way

Deploy it Your Way - SIP / PRI / Analog / Hybrid

Allworx provides an easy migration from legacy key phone systems.  While it was designed from the ground up for SIP connections, Allworx can emulate popular key system features, and offers built-in support for T1/PRI / analog connectivity.

Acquire it Your Way - Rent /  Lease / Buy

dBm offers flexible ways to get into a new system that better meets your needs.

We make the implementation fast and easy.

We support you on an ongoing basis.