Nortel / AVAYA Enterprise Solutions – Legacy PBX Support

dBm offers the expertise and hardware sparing to keep your enterprise legacy PBX system running smoothly for as long as required.

The Nortel Meridian 1 PBX system was the voice communication workhorse relied upon for decades.  The equipment has been re-branded as the AVAYA CS1000, but many businesses and government organizations continue to rely on these systems.   Because they are found in large organizations, a complete system replacement is a costly undertaking.

Sometimes the best option for the present is to maintain the legacy system. If these systems are maintained by a team with the expertise and hardware sparing to support them, they will continue to provide a high quality, reliable telecommunications solution for many years to come.

dBm offers both the expertise and hardware sparing.


We are technical experts on these systems, with our senior technicians being former Nortel Level 3 and 4 Advanced Diagnostic Engineers, supporting Nortel’s worldwide enterprise customers.  We are one of the few organizations in Canada that continue to be fully accredited and authourized by AVAYA on this line of equipment. dBm currently supports mission-critical enterprise installations including power companies and hospitals. dBm is a fully authorized AVAYA / NES (Nortel Enterprise Solutions) distributor of CS1000, Meridian 1, CallPilot and provides sales, service, maintenance and consulting services on these AVAYA / NES products.

Hardware Sparing

dBm has a large inventory of critical components for AVAYA / Nortel CS1000 and Meridian 1 – Option 11C, 61C and 81C, including:

Power Supplies - CE Common Equipment (AC and DC), PE Peripheral Equipment (AC and DC

Processor Cards

Line Cards - Digital, Analog, Trunk, PRI and Controller

Handsets and Consoles - Digital or IP

CallPilot Voicemail Servers - 201i and 202i